Oatmeal Honey Shea Butter Soap Bar 6.0 OZ - Unscented

Oatmeal Honey Shea Butter Soap Bar 6.0 OZ - Unscented


This soap is unscented but you would never know it. The honey mixed with the oatmeal gives this bar a natural, light, sweet scent. With plenty of scrubby organic oats, skin nourishing shea butter and skin soothing honey.

FYI: This soap bar may look very different from batch to batch. Rest assured, it’s the same formula. Why might it look different? The soaps are entirely handmade and all natural. They are sensitive to environmental variations and temperatures. The honey can change the soap color greatly depending on these factors. Some may be slightly lighter, some slightly darker. Some may be darker in the middle. It remains a wonderful bar of soap.

Made with; distilled water, olive oil, organic coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, organic shea butter, honey, organic oats

We carry a variety of unscented, all natural, luxurious bars of soap for those that have scent sensitivities. Any perceived scent is naturally occurring from ingredients used. 

Dunnock And Hinny soaps are made using the hot process or cold process method. The hot process method is a soap cooking technique that generally produces a bar that looks different with its characteristic irregularities, lumps, bumps, bruises, nourishing goodness, and wonderful texture. 

Although the cold process method may produce a smoother looking bar, in general, handmade soaps do not look like commercially made soaps. Our bars are entirely handmade in small batches and each bar is hand cut. We do not further modify the shape of our bars as we feel that leaving them "as is" only adds to the wonderful rustic character and handmade experience of each bar. 

Please allow for slight color, weight, shape and texture variations from bar to bar and batch to batch. Weights are approximate. Soap bars are weighed after cutting from the log and may vary with time as soaps continue to lose moisture.

Remember to keep your bar of soap on a surface that will allow excess water to drain away between uses for a longer lasting product. Your soap was made with pride, love, and care. 

Our soaps can be scented with a mix of pure essential oils, all natural fragrance oils, or a combination of both. Any synthetic fragrances used are clearly listed.

There always exists the small possibility of an allergic reaction. Should this happen, discontinue use.

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