Shave Soap Puck 2.5 OZ - Vegan

Shave Soap Puck 2.5 OZ - Vegan


Shave soaps are not meant to be bubbly, like typical saop, they are meant to be foamy. Shave soaps should also provide a layer of protective “slip” to ensure easier glide of the blade over skin. Here it is, a beautiful shave soap that provides foam and glide. While this soap is meant to be used along with a shave brush but can be used without one if prepared correctly.

Made with: distilled water, hydrogenated soybean oil, organic cocoa butter, castor oil, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, essential oils of grapefruit, cedarwood and rosemary, colloidal oatmeal

Shave soaps are not meant to be used like a regular soap. Follow instructions below:

Brush: Splash your face with warm water, Prepare your brush by running it under hot water or letting it soak in a cup/bowl with hot water. Place your shave soap on a dish or in a cup and about a teaspoon of hot water to the top of your soap. After a few minutes, pour out most of the water from your brush cup/bowl leaving a small amount. Now, take your brush and swirl it over your soap about 10 or 15 times. Go back to your brush cup/bowl and start swirling your brush inside until desired thickness.

Without brush: Splash skin with hot water. Place a small amount of water on your soap. After a few minutes, with wet hands, cup soap inside your palms and rotate to build up your paste. Place soap with one hand over wet skin and work up lather with your other hand, You may need to add a little water for desired consistency but do not use shave soap under running water as the foam is meant to stay on your skin. Place your soap off to the side and away from running water. Continue to work up lather with one hand while shaving with the other. Shave soap used this way will not provide the same thick foam as a brush but it will still provide a nice, protective foam with easy glide.

A few things to remember:

Shave soap is meant to be softer than regular bar soaps

Shave soap needs to be “activated” as with a brush or by working up a lather with your hands on skin.

If using in the shower, do not use shave soap under running water. Position the area away from water while shaving and rinse after.

Yes, shave soap can be a bit more tedious but it’s worth the effort!

Dunnock And Hinny soaps are made using the hot process or cold process method. The hot process method is a soap cooking technique that generally produces a bar that looks different with its characteristic irregularities, lumps, bumps, bruises, nourishing goodness, and wonderful texture. 

Although the cold process method may produce a smoother looking bar, in general, handmade soaps do not look like commercially made soaps. Our bars are entirely handmade in small batches and each bar is hand cut. We do not further modify the shape of our bars as we feel that leaving them "as is" only adds to the wonderful rustic character and handmade experience of each bar. 

Please allow for slight color, weight, shape and texture variations from bar to bar and batch to batch. Weights are approximate. Soap bars are weighed after cutting from the log and may vary with time as soaps continue to lose moisture.

Remember to keep your bar of soap on a surface that will allow excess water to drain away between uses for a longer lasting product. Your soap was made with pride, love, and care. 

Our soaps can be scented with a mix of pure essential oils, all natural fragrance oils, or a combination of both. Any synthetic fragrances used are clearly listed.

There always exists the small possibility of an allergic reaction. Should this happen, discontinue use.

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