Unscented Soaps

Why are so many of our soaps unscented? Airway irritation or skin irritation is one. I am a chronic asthmatic. There are many times when my lungs are particularly sensitive and the lightest fragrance or scent can sharply aggravate my breathing. Showering in very warm water, with hot, rising steam opens up the airways and helps soothe my breathing. However, all of that is lost the moment a fragrance reaches my nose. I need something fragrance-free and I want a variety. Not just any fragrance free bar of soap, but one that is also therapeutic for the skin. Contains great ingredients. Chemical free. Toxin free. Gentle. 
Ingredients. The other reason for making fragrance free soaps is to allow specialized ingredients to shine on their own. These soaps are nature driven. The ingredients are kept bare for a pure and natural cleansing experience. Dunnock And Hinny unscented soaps highlight squeezed juices, fresh purees, and seed or nut grinds. Most of these soaps emerge with a light scent. 

* The Carrot Soap Bar has a very generous amount of fresh carrot juice and fresh carrot puree. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene which is said to have antioxidant properties that enhance cell turnover. The carrots give this soap a naturally sweet and slightly woodsy scent. 
* The Honey Soap Bar contains a nice helping of honey. Honey is a wonderful moisturizer with antibacterial properties and has a faint, sweet scent. 
* The Avocado Puree Soap Bar contains avocado oil and fresh avocado puree. The anti-inflammatory quality of avocados makes this bar suitable problematic skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and dry skin. 
* The Naked Almond Soap Bar highlights fresh, homemade almond milk and crushed almonds along with added almond oil. Vitamins A, B1, B2, and E rich almond oil gives this soap bar nourishing quality. The crushed almonds offer light exfoliation. It has a soft, muted natural almond scent. 
* The Oatmeal Soap Bar contains both colloidal oatmeal and whole rolled oats. Colloidal oatmeal is emollient and contains phenols which impart a slightly antiseptic quality.  Oatmeal aids dry, itchy skin and skin that is irritated.  
* The Ripe Banana Soap Bar with its high potassium level, vitamin C, and B6 is said to help skin moisture and elasticity. 

Our scented soaps are just that. Those soaps are formulated to carry and highlight a particular scent. These soaps are more whimsical and more freedoms are taken. They may contain some designs, or a flourish of color along with added herbs, and flowers. Are they good for your skin as well? Of course! The soaps are all made with all natural base oils and most of them are scented with pure essential oils with just a small few scented with synthetic fragrances. It is important to note that a bar scented with a synthetic fragrance remains over 95% all natural. 

Dunnock And Hinny is committed to not only creating fun, creative and beautiful fragranced soaps but to also bring forward a full range of skin focused, fragrance-free soaps that cater to those that prefer a pure cleansing experience. As always Dunnock And Hinny remains cruelty-free, phthalate free, palm oil and palm derivative free. Enjoy!