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Returns, Refunds, Exchanges

There are no returns, refunds or exchanges for handmade soaps, face and body, soap decks or wax products.


Photography on Media

Returns or Exchanges:

Please allow for slight color variation than pictured above. Each fabric has different print results even when subject to the same print process. Some fabrics absorb ink quickly while others are denser. The base fabrics are all different in their degree of white. Characteristics like these can cause variations in the final product colors.

Small shadowing or ghosting can occur when areas of light color are right beside areas of dark color. Shadowing is when the dark color overhangs or smudges slightly onto the lighter color. Some shadowing is expected during printing in some situations.

Occasionally a product may have a sewing defect like a hole, caught fabric, or incorrectly secured stitches. Report any defects as outlined below.
Reporting a Concern:
*Email with detailed photos of the issue and include the order number.
*I will try to respond within 48 hrs. We may request additional information.
*All issues will be evaluated on a case by case basis using the information provided.

Because this is a custom printed product, items are non-refundable. Products with mechanical issues or defaults are usually reprinted and replaced.

Items will not be replaced due to incorrect size. 

Shipments delayed by the shipping service are beyond our control and personal costs resulting from delayed shipments are not the responsibility of Dunnock And Hinny LLC. We commit to shipping your order in a timely manner, doing our best to respect the estimated production times. Occasionally, an order takes longer than predicted due to various reasons including reprints, low inventory, out of stock fabric or technical issues. We will try to contact you if there is a severe delay on your order.

Email at if you have any questions.